The Founder of Porous Skin, Tia.



Meet Tia, The Founder and visionary behind Porous Skin. 

Tia's fascination with skincare was ignited by her own struggle with acne. The challenges she faced in dealing with skin imperfections became the catalyst for her journey into the world of aesthetics. Fuelled by a desire to not only conquer her own skin issues but also to assist others on a similar path, Tia immersed herself in the study of skincare, facial treatments, gut health and every other avenue that could lead her in the direction of some answers for her skin.

Her hands-on experience as an aesthetician is deeply rooted in her own skin transformation. Tia understands first hand the emotional and physical toll that skin conditions can take, and this empathy has shaped her approach to skincare. 

Tia believes wholeheartedly in science backed skincare, and this is what led her to collaborate with skincare professionals who share her vision; To provide Canadian manufactured products, cruelty free, powered by botanicals, free of harmful toxins - that work.

At the helm of Porous Skin, Tia leads a team of skilled skincare professionals, crafting products and customer service that surpass conventional norms. Embracing holistic skincare, Tia envisions elevating e-commerce standards by providing personalized solutions. Beyond being a skincare brand, Porous Skin embodies a movement, showing transformative skincare as self-care—a delightful dance to be cherished rather than concealed.

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